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The finishing touch on any living room, a good floor lamp allows for soft uplighting, targeted task lighting, and a serious style statement. In fact, some of the most iconic designs in history come in the form of floor lamps: from Isamu Noguchi’s paper creations, to the minimalist elegance of Michael Anastassiades, and task-lighting icons such as Anglepoise and Bestlite.

When choosing a floor lamp, think about how much of a decorative feature you want it to be. There are plenty of striking, angular contemporary designs out there that can add a little punchiness to an interior, or if your space is more traditional, you can find stylish lamp bases in turned wood, topped off with a pleated, patterned lampshade. If, on the other hand, you want targeted light without distracting too much from other objects in the room, choose something streamlined and understated with a small shade. Size should also be a consideration: look at the measurements carefully before you buy to make sure you're not getting anything too tall (especially if you have low ceilings), or too short (if you have a large, airy room).

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