Dining room
The starting point for the dining room was an Italian chandelier I fell in love with some years ago. I’ve used LED filament bulbs from Segula in it; they are 2200 Kelvin and create a warm, ambient light. My mission for this house was for all the lighting to be LED, as the technology is so good now and the designs offer a wonderful spectrum of colour and light quality, as well as being very small. On either side of the chandelier, I added our 10-degree ‘Vorsa 30 Interior Spotlights’, one of which can be seen above. They are incredibly discreet and light the centre of the table well. They are surface-mounted spotlights, which was an ideal option in this Grade II-Listed house as the room has its original lath and plaster ceiling, meaning I couldn’t recess into it. On the mirrored shelves in the alcove, I added three narrow beam downlights – our ‘Polespring 30 Downlights’ – and recessed them into the top of the shelves. The light filters through the shelves and catches each piece of glassware beautifully. On either side of the window, I added a ‘Lucca Uplight’, set into the floor. These catch the pale-painted panelled window shutters and give the area definition. They create an interesting effect in the daytime, but they become particularly magical when the light fades

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