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It’s not your imagination: The light bulb section in your local hardware store is bigger than it used to be. Bulbs of every type, color, and shape line the shelves in a wide—and confusing—array of options, making it hard to find the right bulb for your needs. But once you understand bulb basics, choosing the right replacement bulb for your lamp or fixture can be a snap. We’ve put together the information you need to know about the many different types of light bulbs on the market these days so the next time you’re faced with a burned-out bulb, you’ll be prepared.

Light Bulb Lingo
Before you head out in search of a new bulb, get a grasp on the terminology manufacturers use to measure the input and output of certain types of light bulbs.

Watts indicate the amount of energy the bulb uses. Bulbs with lower wattage use less electricity and can therefore help keep the electricity bill down. Here, the age-old mantra holds true: Less is more.

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