200081-52 - 2nd Avenue - 12 Light Foyer Lantern - Dubrek

I often light bedrooms with mainly decorative light sources, so here I’ve used Porta Romana’s ‘Motu’ table lamps in bronze beside the bed. These are fitted with dimmable bulbs from Tala’s ‘Sphere’ range. But the centre of the room was still quite dark, so I decided to add a couple of John Cullen ‘Polespring 40 Downlights’. These bring the focus to the end of the bed and also provide excellent task lighting if you happen to be packing a suitcase on it. The ceiling was too low for a pendant, so recessed downlights were the ideal solution here. Picture lights have been out of fashion for a few decades because they could be rather cumbersome, but LEDs have meant that they are now quite a bit smaller. I opted for John Cullen’s ‘Wallace Picture Light’, which gives an even distribution of light and also filters down onto the paintings below, while providing added light that is perfect for reading. When lighting art, make sure to use lights that have a colour rendering index of 95 or above, as it will represent the true colours much better. I always find it is best to use a frame-fixed picture light, rather than a wall-mounted one, as this offers greater flexibility with the positioning

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