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Haidee called on her architect friends, Johan Hybcshmann and Margaret Bursa, who run Archmongers Architects, to make a few tweaks. They had helped Haidee with her previous house, designing, amongst other things, shelves to cleverly accommodate what amounted to one-and-half miles worth of books. For this house, the ground floor remained largely the same, with the entrance hallway leading off to her study and a sitting room to the left and the kitchen straight ahead. The sitting room was rather dark, so a couple of windows were added.

The biggest change was upstairs where two bedrooms were knocked through to create what is now the beating heart of the space – Haidee’s magical, light-filled studio. Spanning the entire depth of the house, it is a remarkable space, with just about all the windows – including a couple of new additions – that her daughter had predicted in her dream-studio model many years before. Her bedroom, a small room off the studio, is strikingly modest in comparison, taking the place of the previous owner’s study. ‘For me, it has always been a place to read at night and sleep,’ explains Haidee.

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