01.0731.48.F1800 - 2nd Avenue - Ten Light Chandelier - Clifton

When it comes to control panels, I like them to be small and neat. I’ve used our ‘Odsey Switch Plate’ throughout, opting for a brass mount with bronze buttons. The four buttons on the left link to pre-set scenes that I’ve created for different times of day: the two at the top right are raise and low dimmers; and the off-switch is on the bottom right, as I think it should be easy to identify. The controls are all linked to my phone, too – I would recommend Lutron or Rako for dimmable lighting systems.

The freestanding marble shelving unit in the corner belonged to my father and it was a case of retrofitting the lighting. I added brass strips to the fronts, which conceal our ‘Contour’ LED strips. The strip was also added to the back of the marble shelves as a backlight and to create a sense of depth – to allow the light to spread, you need a gap of at least 30-40mm between the wall and the back of the shelf. People often make the mistake of choosing LEDs that are too cold and so they feel unwelcoming in the evening. The tape here is 2400 Kelvin and it has just the right warmth.

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