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Small trees 
“Trees are the obvious answer for light shade but the tree’s habit should not be too dense” continues Angel. “For example in larger gardens, a cut leaf beech tree casts good shade as does Zelkova serrata and Acer japonicum as they all have an open shape, which filters light along with daintier leaves.”

For a smaller space Georgina also recommends decorative trees which let light through. “Amelanchier lamarckii is lovely as a a small multi stem specimen tree. April brings a perfusion of star shaped white flowers with bronze tinged young leaves, followed later in the year by striking red autumn colour. Dappled shade from silver birches in a small garden are also great.”

Potted plants
Another option is to use tall potted plants.  “We often plant up large pots full of bamboo, which creates beautiful dappled shade” says Caroline. “Pseudosasa japonica look lush and lovely in pots (but are very vigorous out of pots so beware planting in a planting bed without root barriers). Our favourite pots come from Domani or for gorgeous rustic pieces check out the Wampu range at Nkuku.

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